Protected Areas Source Data

Since my last post about creating and compiling geo-data for protected areas around the globe, I’ve collected information for five potential sources. These sources cover a total of 55 countries including: Australia, Chile, (most of) Europe, New Zealand, and the US.

Each of these sources released data in the Public Domain or under CC-BY (or equivalent) license terms.

Here are links to json files for each of these sources. The json includes the source name, name of the dataset used, access date, description of the source, a note about the planned usage, and URLs to the homepages of each source, download page, file (when available), and license page. Links to are also included.

The Australian Department of the Environment and Energy’s ‘Collaborative Australian Protected Areas Database’ Dataset:

The Library of the National Congress of Chile’s ‘Areas Silvestres Protegidas Por El Estado Para Todo Chile’ Dataset:

The European Environmental Agency’s ‘Nationally Designated Protected Areas Inventory’ Dataset:

Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand’s ‘National Property and Land Information System (NaPALIS) – Protected Area Layer’ Dataset:

The United States Geological Survey’s ‘Protected Areas Database of the United States’ Dataset:

These json files will be moved to a GitHub repository shortly. In the meantime, I’ll work through additional sources.

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